Listen to the Porty Podcast to find out about next weekend’s Portobello Book festival @portypodcast

David Calder from the Porty Podcast recently interviewed Joanne from the organising team to find out how the festival will be different this year and to hear about a few of the events.

195 Porty Central Porty Podcast

Happy New Year – and let's all hope for better things as this year progresses!Some of you may have seen an email or post from the community group Porty Central in which they explain why they're concerned about the future of the Town Hall. In particular, they are worried that: "We appear to be on track towards yielding the building to a commercial user, with no information about that proposal." However, on Monday evening, Portobello Community Council hope to hear both about this proposal and that presented by Porty Central itself, one which has been in the public domain for some weeks. The meeting is open to the public through MS Teams using this link: Hall has been closed for about 18 months now; and when we last heard about it, we learned that the Council believed it would take anything up to £1m to bring back into use, money the Council simply didn’t have. As we'll hear, the Town Hall was built for the people of Portobello as a public, community space. And to find out what our community want for this space moving forward, Porty Central has spent a lot of time asking the people of Portobello what they want from the building – and that’s at the heart of their proposal.Read the latest progress report here: Free Music: "Bollywood Dance Beats"; copyright free songs from YouTube"Motor City Jam" from the Album "Full Spectrum" by Guy Moon. Publisher: Sonic Desktop Publishing from SmartSound
  1. 195 Porty Central
  2. 194 Year's End 2020
  3. 193 Kings Place Reimagined
  4. 193 RNLI – The Kinghorn Lifeboat
  5. 191 Porty Timebank's Support through the Pandemic

Books by all our participating authors are available to order from our local bookshop. Click the link to visit the page.
The Portobello Bookshop

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