Listen to the Porty Podcast to find out about next weekend’s Portobello Book festival @portypodcast

David Calder from the Porty Podcast recently interviewed Joanne from the organising team to find out how the festival will be different this year and to hear about a few of the events.

203 Civerinos Porty Slice Porty Podcast

It’s been long awaited. People have been talking about its imminent arrival. But this week, Civerinos Porty Slice will finally open to the public from its premises on the Prom. When the weather finally improves, people will be able to hire a deckchair and sit on the Prom or the beach enjoying their slice of pizza – or take a whole 20 inch pizza home. As we’ll be hearing, Civerinos as a brand will be expending elsewhere in the UK – but for its founder, Porty Slice has been a dream for quite a while. Free Music from SmartSoundTrack – Napoli by Matt Hirt from the Album Across Borders
  1. 203 Civerinos Porty Slice
  2. 202 Sport and Spanish
  3. 201 Jenny Martin – Artist in Lockdown
  4. 200 The Porty Podcast Reaches a Major Milestone
  5. 199 A Look Back over the past week

Books by all our participating authors are available to order from our local bookshop. Click the link to visit the page.
The Portobello Bookshop

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