Listen to the Porty Podcast to find out about next weekend’s Portobello Book festival @portypodcast

David Calder from the Porty Podcast recently interviewed Joanne from the organising team to find out how the festival will be different this year and to hear about a few of the events.

283 Maya and the Whale Porty Podcast

A new play for schools is about to start touring over the next couple of months. It’s called ‘Maya and the Whale’ and it stars Hazel Darwin-Clements who also wrote it. The production is part of a programme run by Theatre in Schools Scotland. The organisation works with teachers, education colleagues, local authority arts organisations to develop an education values the enjoyment of the arts. David Calder met up with Hazel to find out more.For more information about the tour, click here
  1. 283 Maya and the Whale
  2. 282 Dook – Soap Maker
  3. 281 Malecon Matinee
  4. 280 50 Swims for Maggie's
  5. 279 End of Year Review

Books by all our participating authors are available to order from The Portobello Bookshop.
Click here to visit the PBF page

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