Listen to the Porty Podcast to find out about next weekend’s Portobello Book festival @portypodcast

David Calder from the Porty Podcast recently interviewed Joanne from the organising team to find out how the festival will be different this year and to hear about a few of the events.

184 Safer Cycling Porty Podcast

 Within the past few days, Public Health Scotland has published a report which stresses the importance of getting out walking, cycling or wheeling if people are to get through the current pandemic. It’s good for our mental health as well as physical and it can also help those suffering the longer term effects of a Covid infection. However, there’s also evidence that many are being put off as a result of the recent increase in traffic as Porty Podcast Producer David Calder heard from Kirsty Lewin from Spokes Porty.
  1. 184 Safer Cycling
  2. 183 Bellfield Community Garden
  3. 182 Portobello Book Festival – a Reflection
  4. 181 Portobello Hornets Appeal
  5. 180 Portobello Book Festival Online

Books by all our participating authors are available to order from our local bookshop. Click the link to visit the page.
The Portobello Bookshop

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