Listen to this week’s Porty Podcast which features Portobello Book Festival – @portypodcast

Thanks to Hazel Darwin-Clements who has put together a brilliant podcast about this year’s festival. You’ll hear from Joanne, who is on the organising committee, as well as three of the authors taking part: Emma Christie, Grahame Howard and Lesley Kelly.

One thing to note though is that there is mention of the possibility of events being available to watch online, but, with a couple of exceptions, this will not be happening. We know a lot of people enjoyed the online events last year and we did consider trying to do some more online this year. However, as a small free volunteer run festival, regrettably we simply don’t have enough people to be able to comply with the Covid regulations while also trying to stream or film for later. The only events online are ones we have planned well in advance and which will be pre-recorded.

Grab yourself a coffee and settle down to listen and find out more about the festival, taking place over the weekend of 1st-3rd October.

300 Mount Lodge Green – another community success Porty Podcast

Last week, we heard about the news that the keys to the Town Hall has been passed to the community. But that’s not the only Council asset that’s been handed over recently to a different, smaller, less-well known part of the Portobello community. It’s a fairly small plot of land off Mount Lodge Place which has remained locked and unused…until now. This is the story of how Mount Lodge Green came to be restored to community use.To follow what's happening there, click here:
  1. 300 Mount Lodge Green – another community success
  2. 299 The Town Hall is Ours
  3. 298 Tandem Against Suicide – Xani Byrne's Challenge
  4. 297 Porty Regatta 23
  5. 296 Overton and McCann – the EP

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