Whodunit in Skara Brae? with B K Bryce

We are delighted that the first event of this year’s festival will be at a new venue: Jameson Gate, the retirement living development at the far end of Portobello High Street. This event is open to all but, as always, tickets must be picked up from the library.


Maeshowe Murders: A Neolithic Whodunnit (Marna Mystery Series Book 1) by [Bryce, B. K.]
Friday 5th October, 2.00-3.00pm JAMESON GATE

No forensics, police force or modern communications – how do you solve a Neolithic whodunit in Stone Age Skara Brae? B K Bryce (authors, researchers and sisters, Barbara and Kathleen Stevenson) let you into a few of those secrets when they talk about the books Maeshowe Murders and Evil in Eynhallow from their light crime fiction series Marna Mysteries. There might also be an insight into fire lighting, brewing bread ale and making nettle ropes!

Chair: Lorna Lawrie

Tickets for all Portobello Book Festival events are free and can be picked up from Portobello Library in Rosefield Avenue.

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