Photos from our School Events with Justin Davies @flyingscribbler, Lindsay Littleson @ljlittleson, @jillcalder and @janismackay. @scottishbktrust

Four of our local schools enjoyed visits from authors on Friday as part of the book festival. Here are some photos from these events.

The children at Brunstane Primary had monster fun with Justin Davies, author of “Help! I Smell a Monster”.

At Duddingston Primary. Lindsay Littleson told the P4-7 assembly lots of funny stories from her childhood, explained how she became an author, spoke about the importance of never giving up and about her latest exciting adventure story “The Titanic Detective Agency”.

Towerbank Primary were visited by Jill Calder who had a very appropriate book to talk about – “The Sea”. There was lots of artistic activity as part of this session as the children learned about the importance of looking after our oceans and had a go at illustrations themselves.

Primary 2 at St John’s Primary enjoyed a visit from Janis Mackay. Here’s what one of the teachers had to say about the event:

St Johns P2 had a visit from Janis Mackay – a local Scottish author from Portobello who entranced the pupils with her stories of writing poems in the north of Scotland by the sea. While there she describes finding a baby Seal on the beach, which is the inspiration for her book ‘The Wee Seal’. The children sang songs, talked about the different things you could find on a beach and listened to Janis tell the story. It was a fantastic experience and the P2s loved meeting a real-life author!

Our thanks to all the authors for coming along, to the children for taking part so enthusiastically, to the schools for having us and to the Scottish Book Trust for making the sessions possible through Live Literature Funding.

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