Have you seen our lovely posters?

If you are out and about in Portobello, you may well spot the posters advertising this year’s festival. Huge thanks to Jim Gilchrist for allowing us to use his painting of crows on the prom and to Pam from the organising team who created this eye-catching poster.

2 thoughts on “Have you seen our lovely posters?

  1. Hi
    I’m Bill Flockhart and I took up writing when I retired and have published two books on Amazon / Kindle, ‘Operation large Scotch’ and the sequel ‘She’s Not A Lovely Girl’ both thrillers. They have been well received judging by the reviews and I have just finished writing another book in the same genre currently titled ‘Joppa Rocks’.
    I have lived in Portobello / Joppa most of my life and am interested in keeping a breast of what is going on locally. Please add me to your circulation list.

    Bill Flockhart
    Tel: 07872674988


    • Hello Bill – thanks for your comment and congratulations on the books. If you sign up to follow the blog by email, you’ll be notified every time a post goes out. There’s not usually much during the year but more as the festival nears. Best wishes.


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