The next Portobello Book Festival will run from 29th September to 2nd October 2022

The organising team has been busy planning a brilliant Portobello Book Festival for 2022. This year it will begin with an event at The Portobello Bookshop on Thursday 29th September then run over the weekend until Sunday 2nd October. Full details will be revealed early September so watch this space.

We start to plan our October Festival in January so if you’re interested in being considered for inclusion contacting us in the first half of January is a good idea. There are always limited spots and after our early planning sessions most of these are already accounted for. 

We’re volunteers so can’t always keep track of requests carrying over year on year so making our job easier and getting in touch in early January makes it easier for us to consider you. 

6 thoughts on “The next Portobello Book Festival will run from 29th September to 2nd October 2022

  1. As a local independent author living in Joppa who has published four well-rated thrillers on Amazon / Kindle can I ask if there will be a stall for independent authors to display their books?

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    • Hi Bill – thanks for your comment. The Portobello Bookshop will be running a stall in the library over the course of the weekend which will only be selling books by contributors and, where applicable, chairs of each event. As you’ll appreciate, the programme is now in place for this year’s festival but if you would like to be considered for next year, please email in January 2023.


  2. Great Joanne I wonder too if we should put on the leaflet the day/date that tickets will be available from the library rather than just saying that is where you get them Will try and remember this and raise it at the next meeting ! Bill ________________________________


  3. Hi

    Just wondered if you’ve had a chance to consider our proposal for the book fest – Doggerel – The Best Worst Poetry in the World! It was sent on 16 June.



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    • Apologies for the delay in replying – our secretary has been on holiday and you should get an email from her soon if you haven’t already. We don’t have room this year I’m afraid.


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