Save the Date! The 2023 Portobello Book Festival will run from 5th to 8th October.

The Portobello Book Festival organising committee have already met to start planning this year’s festival. We are excited to have had lots of interesting suggestions passed on to us and of course we all have lots of ideas ourselves. It’s already looking like it’s going to be a great festival again. So save the dates – this year’s festival will run from Thursday 5th October to Sunday 8th October.

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2 thoughts on “Save the Date! The 2023 Portobello Book Festival will run from 5th to 8th October.

  1. Hello Porty Book Festival,

    I would like to recommend Maria Chamberlain, long time Edinburgh citizen, and born in Poland in 1946 for next festival.

    Her shatteringly powerful book ‘Never Tell Anyone You’re Jewish’ was finished a  year or so back, about her resilient and amazing family during Holocaust years in Poland, and subsequent refuge in Edinburgh. It has been touring Scottish bookshop events and I think would be relevant, appropriate , and an honour to invite her here to next Porty Book Fest?

    She is a family friend and I am in contact with her , if you think it might fit with next festival?

    All the best

    Gica Loening

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Gica – thanks for the suggestion. We’re already quite well advanced in our planning but I will pass this on to the organising committee for consideration.


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