Listen now – John D Burns – mountaineer, writer and storyteller – talks to Portobello Book Festival – @JohnBurnswriter

Saturday 3rd October – 3pm
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John Burns talks to Portobello Book festival

John’s love of the outdoors, his passion for writing and over forty year’s experience in the mountains of the British Isles form the basis for his books and storytelling. Having walked and climbed the hills of Scotland for over 40 years he is an expert ice climber and was a member of the Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team. More recently he has rediscovered his love for remote bothies and regularly visits the wilder places of his Scottish home, which he writes about with humour and compassion.

He began writing almost 15 years ago with a collection of poetry, Wind Dancer.  He followed this with two one man plays performed around the UK; Aleister Crowley: A Passion for Evil and Mallory: Beyond Everest, and his books; The Last HillwalkerBothy Tales and his latest comic novel with a serious environmental message Sky Dance.

Watch now – Edward Ross – Gamish: A Graphic History of Gaming @edward_ross

Saturday 3rd October – 2pm
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Local graphic novelist Edward Ross gives an illustrated reading from his forthcoming graphic novel Gamish: A Graphic History of Gaming. From Pac-Man to Minecraft, the book covers the fascinating history of this enormously popular pastime, and delves into what makes video games such a powerful artform. Edward has been making comics for over ten years. His first graphic novel, Filmish: A Graphic Journey Through Film won a YASLA award as a Great Graphic Novel for Teens.

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Watch now – The Secret Life of Books with Professor Tom Mole @ProfTomMole

Saturday 3rd October – 11am
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Join Tom Mole in conversation with Paul Hudson of Portobello Library as they discuss The Secret Life of Books.

We love books.  We take them to bed with us.  We display them on our bookshelves.  We write our names in them.  They weigh down our suitcases when we go on holiday.  We take them for granted.  But there’s much more to them than meets the eye.  From how books feel and smell, to burned books, banned books, and books that create nations, The Secret Life of Book is about everything beyond the words on the page.  It’s about how books – and readers – have evolved over time.  And it’s about how books still have the power to change our lives.

Tom Mole is Professor of English Literature and Book History at the University of Edinburgh, where he runs the Centre for the History of the Book.  He is the author of What the Victorians Made of Romanticism, which won the Saltire Prize for best research book in 2018.  He is a fellow of the Royal Historical Society and lives in Edinburgh with his wife and daughter.

Books by all our participating authors are available to order from The Portobello Bookshop.
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Watch now – Finding Fulfilment – meet author Anne Stormont – @writeanne

Friday 2nd October – 8pm
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Anne Stormont is the author of four contemporary romantic novels – one is a standalone and the other three make up the Skye series. The books are all second-chance romances where the main characters may be older but are certainly no wiser. She has also published one children’s novel. Anne’s books are set in Scotland – where she lives – and in some of the other places she’s visited.

She began making up stories as a child to entertain her four wee sisters. But as an adult with a busy life as a mother and teacher, it took her a long time and a wake-up call for her to get that first book written. When she’s not writing Anne enjoys yoga, walking and gardening. She can be a bit of a subversive old bat, but she tries to maintain a kind heart. She also loves tea, penguins and being with her grandchildren.

Books by all our participating authors are available to order from The Portobello Bookshop.
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Watch now – More Footprints in the Sand with Archie Foley

Friday 2nd October – 7pm
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Forty years of publication for a community newspaper deserves to be celebrated, the more so if that paper has always been produced entirely by local volunteers and financed solely by advertisements placed by local businesses. That is why Archie Foley and Peter E Ross decided to draw attention to this achievement by compiling another selection of articles from the history pages of the Portobello Reporter. The articles chosen span the years from 1980 to 2020 and record “Portobello’s history and reminiscences” thus fulfilling one of the key aims of the paper’s founders.

Archie Foley will take you on a tour of Portobello to see some of the places featured in the book. You will be seeing them as they are today but Archie will be able to show how they feature in the Portobello story and that Portobello is not just Edinburgh’s seaside suburb.

Listen to the Porty Podcast to find out about next weekend’s Portobello Book festival @portypodcast

David Calder from the Porty Podcast recently interviewed Joanne from the organising team to find out how the festival will be different this year and to hear about a few of the events.

298 Tandem Against Suicide – Xani Byrne's Challenge Porty Podcast

On Monday morning, a group of cyclists will leave the Cake Stand in Straiton Place Park on what, for one of them, will be an epic journey. Leading them will be Xani Byrne, brother of Alice Byrne, who disappeared on New Year’s Day in 2022. Neither she nor her body were found and the police concluded that she had taken her own life. This trip is all about raising awareness around the country about mental health and suicide and raising funds for related charities.To donate, click here: more information on the charities, click here: here: Xani’s Facebook Page, click here:
  1. 298 Tandem Against Suicide – Xani Byrne's Challenge
  2. 297 Porty Regatta 23
  3. 296 Overton and McCann – the EP
  4. 295 Access Parkour – on Porty Beach
  5. 294 Atlantic Body and Soul – Reflections on Achievement!

Books by all our participating authors are available to order from The Portobello Bookshop.
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Through Travellers’ Eyes edited by Leonie Charlton and Peter E Ross @charltonleonie

Sunday 4th October – 5pm – online podcast

Through Travellers’ Eyes is the product of two years of collecting stories, poems and snippets of conversation shared by people from Scotland’s Gypsy/Traveller communities. A series of workshops and personal interactions in Perth & Kinross, Edinburgh and the Lothians and North & Mid Argyll organised by MECOPP Gypsy/Traveller Carers’ Project led to the publication of this book.

Some of the contributors are regular writers of poems and stories whilst others had never considered that their storytelling skills could be of any interest outside of their own community. Katrina, who has been writing poems for many years, says: “I feel proud that I’ve had some of my poems published. I’ve not achieved much in life but this is one thing I’ve really achieved and I’m proud of. It’s something that my grandkids can look at when I’m no longer here and hopefully they’ll be proud to say that their granny had poems published.”

The book is full of personal stories and reflections of times gone by and of life in contemporary Scotland in an ever changing landscape of social and economic change. 

In its pages you will find gems that will touch you, make you laugh and give you a greater understanding of the traditions, lives and rich culture of Gypsy/Traveller communities in Scotland.

Books by all our participating authors are available to order from The Portobello Bookshop.
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Books by participating authors available to order from The Portobello Bookshop @portybooks

Photo credit – The Portobello Bookshop

Books by all our participating authors will be available to buy or order from our local independent bookshop The Portobello Bookshop.

You will find the bookshop at 46 Portobello High Street. Opening hours are 10am – 6pm, seven days a week. You can order books in person or by phone or online either to Click and Collect or for delivery. The phone number is 0131 629 6756.

The lovely people at the bookshop have created a page especially for Portobello Book Festival – just click on the link below.

Portobello Bookshop – PBF page

Portobello Book Festival 2020 Programme

As you’ll know, the whole book festival will be online this year. Click on the links below to find out more about each event and when you will be able to watch them. To watch the events, just come to the website at the time indicated and click on the post. You will find either a video to watch or a podcast to listen to for each event which you can access at any time after the event has gone live.

Click here for the links to events which you can
watch or listen again at your leisure.

Friday 7pm: Archie Foley – More Footprints in the Sand

Friday 8pm: Anne Stormont – Finding Fulfilment

Saturday 11am: Tom Mole – The Secret Life of Books

Saturday 12noon: Janis Mackay – A Sense of Place and Imagination

Saturday 1pm: Doug Johnstone – Dark Humour

Saturday 2-4pm: Creative Writing Workshop with J L Hall

Saturday 2pm: Edward Ross – Gamish: A Graphic of Gaming

Saturday 3pm: John D Burns – mountaineer, writer and storyteller – talks to Portobello Book Festival.

Saturday 4pm: Jackie Baldwin and Olga Wojtas – Captivating Crime

Saturday 5pm: Gavin Francis – Island Dreams

Sunday 11am: Sheila M Averbuch – Social and Anti-Social Media

Sunday 12noon: Peter Ross – A Tomb with a View

Sunday 1pm: Leonie Charlton – Marram

Sunday 2pm: Letters from Lockdown

Sunday 3pm: Keith Skene – Resolving the climate emergency: Why societal and environmental sustainability are interdependent

Sunday 4pm: Donald Bloxham – History: Why Bother?

Sunday 5pm: Through Travellers’ Eyes (edited Leonie Charlton and Peter E Ross)